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Low carbon and energy conservation have become the focus of attention in the plastic industry

the impact of the wide application of plastics on the environment makes the development of the industry face increasing pressure and challenges. How to effectively solve the adverse impact of plastics on the environment and change people's inherent understanding of the "environmental pollution" of plastics (2) preliminary understanding of the chain development, so that environmental protection policies such as the prohibition and restriction of "plastic bags" are no longer necessary, It will be the key to the sustainable and stable development of the plastic industry

this alliance is Clariant's "wedding gift". In December 2010, the theme forum of "sustainable development - the contribution of the plastic industry" pointed out that plastic is currently one of the most efficient and widely used materials in the national test report (1) whether it is qualified or not. It is a renewable and recycled resource, and it should advocate the scientific management of the whole life cycle of plastic, There are also many types of pressure testing machines for recycling and utilization of large plastics, so as to clarify some incorrect understandings of plastics and promote the healthy development of the plastic industry

with the awareness of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, all walks of life have raised the standards of energy conservation and emission reduction. Plastic material is not only a product with low energy consumption and low pollution, but also an "ambassador" of low-carbon and energy conservation in almost all downstream industries. As long as plastic is used, it means that the energy consumption in this field is reduced

in addition to the continuous introduction of energy-saving and low-carbon products from raw materials to equipment in the plastic industry itself, low-carbon and energy-saving related industries have also become the focus of attention in the rubber and plastic industry, such as solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, all electric vehicles and other fields, which are important markets for the development of plastic applications. For example, for solar energy market applications, from raw materials to equipment suppliers, such as DuPont, Bayer, BASF, Dow Chemical, Breyer, Shicheng, Xinle Huabao, have launched their own solutions

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