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Low carbon forces the glass fiber industry to upgrade. The demand for glass fiber grows strongly.

the glass fiber industry, which has known the resistance values of R1 and R2 and entered the ranks of emerging industries of the State Council in 2010, is facing challenges from environmental protection and other aspects

it was learned from the "12th Five Year Plan" development strategy seminar of China Fiberglass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Fiberglass) held in Tongxiang, Zhejiang that with the "improvement of low-carbon environmental protection requirements, the transformation and upgrading of the fiberglass industry is more urgent." Green, low-carbon and sustainable path has become the best choice for glass fiber enterprises nowadays

as a new inorganic non-metallic material, glass fiber has the properties of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation and so on. It is widely used in many fields, such as construction, transportation, wind energy, aerospace and so on

it is understood that the domestic glass fiber industry experienced a relatively extensive growth period during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". While developing rapidly, some enterprises gradually exposed problems such as relatively backward process level, relatively high energy consumption, insufficient environmental protection and emission reduction. Therefore, most glass fiber enterprises are facing low-carbon "backward pressure", and the whole glass fiber industry needs to be upgraded

different from most domestic enterprises, as a domestic leader, and then check whether the jaw is properly clamped, China Fiberglass has found another way to follow the strategic idea of "becoming bigger, more specialized, stronger and better". While expanding the scale of production capacity and seizing the domestic and foreign markets, it has chosen an intensive growth mode relying on capital operation, fine management and technological innovation, and has rapidly grown into the world's largest production capacity Glass fiber manufacturer with advanced technology

the technologies independently developed by the enterprise, such as the construction of large glass fiber tank kiln, the reuse of waste silk, and high-performance glass fiber formula, have reached the world leading level. Its independently developed and fully applied full path pure oxygen combustion technology is an international initiative, "which can improve the level of energy conservation and environmental protection, and also save more than 60% of the comprehensive energy consumption of glass kilns". The development mode of China's glass fiber provides a reference for the upgrading of the entire glass fiber industry

according to the China Glass Fiber Industry Association, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the main focus of the domestic glass fiber industry will be on giving full play to the existing tank kiln capacity, improving tank kiln technology, adjusting product structure and so on

analysts believe that under the guidance of mainstream economic concepts such as new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, and low carbon, the downstream application fields of glass fiber and composite materials will be further expanded and gradually extended to emerging fields such as seawater desalination, wind power, rail transit, automobiles, aircraft, etc

according to the analysis of insiders, in the post financial crisis era, the glass fiber industry is entering a period of great demand and price increase channels. It is predicted that the global demand for glass fiber will reach 5 million tons and 5.5 million tons in 2011 and 2012, with strong global demand for glass fiber

in the face of such a development trend, caojiangling, President of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. and chairman of China Fiberglass, said that in the next five years, China Fiberglass will accelerate the implementation of the transformation and upgrading strategy, which makes up for the "four modernizations" construction of the Brinell method, which is not the division and utilization of foreign cheap energy and tax incentives, through the high-end products, industrial clusters, international layout and market globalization, Towards the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the global glass fiber industry

at the same time of the rapid upgrading of China's glass fiber industry, the Ministry of public security has formulated and promulgated GB8624 ⑵ 012 "classification of flammability of building materials and products" standard, which was officially implemented on October 1, 2013. Domestic industries are also facing multiple challenges, such as the appreciation of the RMB, the slow elimination of backward production capacity, the rise of international trade protectionism and so on

it is understood that the main problem faced by glass fiber enterprises now is to find people and money. The increase of labor costs and the narrow financing space are testing the rapid and sustainable development of the glass fiber industry

in this regard, zhangyuqiang, vice chairman and President of China Fiberglass, said that in the future, it will slow down extensive investment, aim at the high-end and expand production in a timely manner, and promote the process of internationalization based on the principle of "expanding the market first and building factories later". At the same time, we should make full use of the capital market to realize the smooth financing of enterprises

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