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At the 2010 Autumn national sugar and wine conference in Jinan, Shandong Province, which ended not long ago, the water cube produced by Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. showed the industry its four new slimming packaging products. With their simple and elegant shape, they blew a low-carbon wind in the domestic high-end Baijiu market, which attracted high attention from the participants. This move has also laid a solid foundation for Shuifang liquor to directly target the market with annual sales of thousands of tons in the next three years

at present, over packaging is becoming a domestic food and cosmetics. Is it possible to reduce at least 300 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and then crash when advocating and developing your microcomputer? A: a problem that needs to be solved urgently in the low-carbon economy. The Baijiu industry is no exception. The increasingly serious homogenization and luxury packaging has not only had a considerable impact on industrial profits, but also caused a lot of waste of resources and energy, and produced a huge amount of domestic waste. In this regard, industry insiders stressed that drinking Baijiu is about quality and culture, not luxury packaging. Abandoning high consumption packaging and replacing it with simple and green packaging to reduce cost investment is a road that the Baijiu industry must take, and it is also the future development direction of the Baijiu industry

according to the introduction, the new packaging of water cube wine this time has been reduced from the original length, width and height of 17 cm, 17 cm and 25 cm to 17 cm, 10.6 cm and 23.8 cm respectively. Its three indicators of packaging layers, packaging porosity and cost fully meet the relevant requirements of the "food and cosmetics requirements for limiting excessive packaging of goods" issued and implemented by China on April 1

since its birth on December 18, 2008, water cube has taken some matters that are easy to be neglected in the application of high-end spring tension and compression testing machine as the target of brand appeal, constantly seeking innovation in marketing, process and product packaging, and has achieved good results. Among them, in 2009, water cube was awarded the channel innovation award by Maotai shares, becoming the most successful operation among the 11 sub brands of Maotai

Wang Jun, general manager of Beijing pingda realm, the operator of water cube, said that the four new products unveiled in this slimming packaging are the preparation of water cube for further expanding channels. In the next step, water cube will continue to innovate its business model and actively start the project of Direct stores. It is expected that dozens of Direct stores will be put into operation this year. On this basis, water cube will also coordinate signed partners to develop specific channels in specific fields in a targeted and systematic manner. At the same time, the key market and highlight market project of water cube wine will also be launched. Water cube liquor is the core product of Maotai that actively consolidates the market at the price of 600 yuan after the continuous price increase. In terms of market development, it will follow the overall market development framework of Maotai, strive to use three years to achieve a market of 100 million yuan, and create a number of provincial markets with a scale of more than 50 million yuan and prefecture and municipal markets with a scale of more than 10 million yuan nationwide to implement the strategy of building a powerful manufacturing country

in order to ensure the smooth progress of these strategies, water cube wine has formulated corresponding strategic safeguard measures. For example, in order to enrich the product lines of Direct stores and special channels, and not pose a threat to the existing group purchase channels, water cube alcohol center has designed special products with different packaging and specifications. In view of the problem of fleeing goods caused by the uneven development of the market, in addition to introducing extremely strict punishment measures, water cube also invested heavily in the development of water cube wine logistics code management system software. At present, the system has been put into use

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