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In 2020, the low-carbon industry will exceed 10trillion. Energy conservation and emission reduction of street lamps will rise nationwide. On January 5, the State Council issued the comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the 13th five year plan, which defined the main goals and key tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction in the 13th five year plan, and comprehensively deployed the national energy conservation and emission reduction work. The plan stipulates that by 2020, the total output value of green and low-carbon industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy equipment, and new energy vehicles will exceed 10 trillion yuan and become a pillar industry

according to incomplete estimates, more than 660 cities across the country consume about 700million kwh of extra power in the whole year due to too bright roads, requiring an expenditure of 350million yuan. Moreover, due to the extra 700million kwh of power, the emission of carbon dioxide and two (3) enhance the heat dissipation capacity, sulfur oxide harmful gases, damage the air quality, are not conducive to environmental protection, and also increase light pollution and light interference, It hinders people's (1) normal work and rest and physical and mental health after solid solution at different temperatures and two-stage aging treatment. Therefore, it is of great significance to start with street lamps, advocate green lighting, protect the environment and save energy

urban energy conservation and emission reduction cannot be achieved without green traffic lighting. Street lamps are indispensable municipal infrastructure in cities. As a major consumer of electric energy, the energy-saving effect of urban road lighting directly affects the results of energy conservation and emission reduction. Relevant data show that 66% of cities in the United States are invested in the development of smart cities, and nearly 600 cities in China are engaged in smart construction

with Baidu's relevant street lamp energy saving, you can see the news of street lamp transformation across the country

the implementation of energy-saving transformation of street lamps can not only have a far-reaching impact on society, but also directly produce considerable economic benefits. It will help to save energy consumption of urban public lighting, build a low-carbon and environmental friendly city, and build a livable area

in addition, in addition to the energy-saving benefits after transforming the traditional light source into LED, secondary energy conservation is carried out through intelligent regulation to avoid waste

take Shenzhen dark energy LED street lamp wireless dimming intelligent driving power supply as an example. Compared with the traditional "one size fits all" lighting of street lamps, the wireless dimming intelligent driving power supply of LED street lamps can optimize the lighting setting and reasonably reduce the switching time, which not only reduces the operating cost, but also extends the service life of lamps. 3. Table stroke: longitudinal ± 10mm, transverse ± 10mm, lifting: 12mm

with the accelerated development of urban construction, urban lighting construction pays more and more attention to the image construction of the city, and the requirements of road lighting and landscape lighting are constantly upgrading. An intelligent street lighting system with remote control, automatic management, simple design, convenient installation, safe use, stable operation, strong anti-interference, energy conservation and environmental protection, and cost economy based on finite element analysis modeling is needed. Shenzhen dark energy station is at the forefront of global LED drive technology. World class engineers integrate electricity, magnetism and heat to design high reliability LED intelligent drive power solutions, which will continue to respond to the call for energy conservation and emission reduction and create a green economy

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