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Low cost advantage highlights that the market scale of lidar is expected to reach 20billion

lidar is an active optical remote sensing detection technology. Based on its unique advantages in spatial resolution, detection sensitivity, anti-interference ability and large-scale actual monitoring, it has been widely used in the fields of environmental protection, meteorology, ecology, agriculture, ocean and surveying and mapping. At present, the market is growing and the market prospect is immeasurable

according to the latest forward-looking data, the market size of lidar in 2020 is expected to exceed 10billion thanks to the improvement of technology and production capacity. According to the estimation of 25% penetration rate of the front loading market and 5% penetration rate of the rear loading market in 2020, the market scale of China is expected to be close to and increase by 20billion

it can be found that the development forecast is based on macro considerations of policy and market. On the one hand, the government encourages and supports the vigorous application of laser equipment in engineering projects and large-scale equipment. On the other hand, the data acquisition of lidar, the growing emerging applications and the innovation of lidar technology have attracted more and more market participants to invest in production. This provides a strong driving force for the development of the laser equipment industry

laser technology is developing rapidly and its application continues to expand. A few days ago, the "research and development and application of atmospheric fine particles and ozone spatiotemporal detection lidar system" project developed a rapid monitoring system of atmospheric fine particles and ozone spatiotemporal distribution with independent intellectual property rights, which improved the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of China's lidar industry; The research team of the University of science and technology of China realized the dual frequency Doppler wind lidar based on superconducting nanowire single photon detector for the first time in the world, which improved the practicality and reliability of the wind lidar; Yuhua District, Changsha City, Hunan Province took the lead in using 3D visible lidar to detect urban air pollution, helping to achieve scientific pollution control and accurate haze control

in the wide market application of lidar, the vehicle mounted lidar industry is poised for development. With the gradual popularization of driverless cars, the market scale of on-board lidar in China will maintain a trend of rapid growth. It is estimated that by 2021, the market scale of China's on-board lidar will exceed 600million yuan. As a key component of the driverless system, with the continuous development of technology, the price will also continue to decline. It is necessary to further investigate whether the allocation of thermal insulation materials and technicians meet the requirements of standard methods to analyze the combustion performance of materials in real fires. Optical radar is widely used and large-scale commercial is just around the corner

the solid-state laser radar is the future trend, which has the advantages of miniaturization and low cost. Solid state lidar does not need rotating parts, so it is smaller, convenient to be integrated in the body, and the system reliability is improved, and the cost can be greatly reduced. In line with the development needs of the times, Beijing Tongde venture technology, Suzhou Yiluo automation, Shanghai Guilun automation equipment, Shanghai Edin machinery equipment, numei (Beijing) technology, science and technology instruments and other enterprises have not forgotten to innovate and moved forward bravely. They have successively launched some advanced LiDAR equipment for the market and "stood out" in the market

based on their own development situation, keep an eye on the new trends of the industry in the future, and grasp the major opportunities contained in the vehicle mounted lidar, UAV and other markets, lidar equipment enterprises will rise in response to the trend, develop more cost-effective products for the market, and better meet the application needs of government departments' geographic information system construction and FC 780 E and im style related industries

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