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"Low carbon" is not only a kind of life, but also an attitude

release date: Source: China Women's daily

have you been "low carbon" today? In recent years, the low-carbon life of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction has gradually come into the public view, and has become a new way of life advocated by the society and increasingly popular

"low carbon" is a familiar word, but what is "low carbon"? Songguojun, a professor at the school of environment, Renmin University of China, said that low carbon, as the name suggests, means low greenhouse gas emissions, and greenhouse gases are mainly carbon dioxide, so low greenhouse gas emissions are low carbon dioxide emissions

in recent years, excessive greenhouse gas emissions have led to abnormal world climate, rising global temperatures, and excessive melting of Antarctic and Arctic icebergs, which are very likely to lead to climate crises. Promoting the transformation of economy and society to green and low-carbon is the only way to deal with climate change, and it is also an important way to promote the construction of ecological civilization, high-quality economic and social development and high-level protection of the ecological environment

China has made outstanding contributions to greening and emission reduction. The blue sky, low-carbon and win-win situation requires the participation of the whole society.

in 2019, the carbon dioxide emission of China's GDP of 10000 fell by 4.1% due to its honeycomb pattern on the surface, and non fossil energy accounted for 15.3% of energy consumption. In 2018, China's carbon intensity decreased by 4.0%, 45.8% lower than that in 2005, equivalent to reducing 5.26 billion tons of carbon dioxide. By the end of 2018, the cumulative construction area of green buildings in cities and towns across the country had exceeded 3.2 billion square meters, and the national installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic power had reached 360million kW. By the end of 2019, the total number of all kinds of charging piles in China has reached 1.22 million... A set of data shows that energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon development are getting closer and closer to our lives

Xue Jianhui, member of the CPPCC National Committee on high-end computers and printers and director of the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Jiangsu Province, said that satellite observation data showed that the world has become more and more "green" in the past 20 years; China alone accounted for at least 25% of the total increase in global vegetation over the past 17 years. Xie Zhenhua, special adviser on climate change affairs of the Ministry of ecology and environment, pointed out that at present, China's investment, installation, power generation and consumption of renewable energy are leading in the world, the number of new energy vehicles accounts for more than half of the world, the development and utilization of new energy is more cost-effective, positive results have been achieved in biodiversity conservation, forest carbon sinks have increased significantly, and China's low-carbon development has made important contributions to the global response to climate change

to achieve blue sky and low-carbon win-win, it is also inseparable from the joint participation and action of the whole society. In Beijing, more than 20 communities have launched the "small old household appliances recycling day" activity. Professional recycling enterprises regularly enter the community, and residents focus on trading at the door, so that small old household appliances can be recycled safely and environmentally friendly. In Hefei, the low-carbon lifestyle is actively practiced in people's food, housing and transportation. In terms of diet, the "CD-ROM action" is strengthened and low-carbon catering is advocated; In terms of housing, focus on building national low-carbon communities; In terms of travel, "135" green low-carbon travel is promoted, that is, walking within 1 km, cycling within 3 km, and public transportation within 5 km. In Zhanjiang, low-carbon photo exhibition and low-carbon knowledge award-winning Q & A activities came into the sight of the people from the streets and urban areas. Low carbon behaviors such as wearing environmentally friendly fabrics and clothes, saving water and electricity, using less disposable chopsticks, using environmentally friendly lunch boxes and bags, etc. were included in the green life brochure of community residents. In Shenzhen, the special lecture on low-carbon and energy-saving technology started on the "cloud"... With the active participation of people everywhere, the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction and green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and low-carbon life has gradually become people's conscious action

low carbon life is not "tall". You and I can be "low carbon talents"

in fact, each of us should emit "carbon" in life. In household electricity, the carbon dioxide emission (kg) is equal to the power consumption multiplied by 0.785, that is, every 100 kwh of electricity is equivalent to the emission of about 78.5 kg of carbon dioxide; In domestic natural gas, the carbon dioxide emission (kg) is equal to the degree of natural gas use multiplied by 0.19; In domestic tap water, the carbon dioxide emission (kg) is equal to the degree of use of tap water multiplied by 0.91; When driving by yourself, the carbon dioxide emission (kg) is equal to the fuel consumption multiplied by 2.7

in fact, the connotation of low-carbon life is rich and simple. Every ordinary person also plays an important role in low-carbon development and low-carbon life. Such as driving less and walking more, not using disposable items, using less plastic packaging, choosing energy-saving appliances, reasonably setting the air conditioning temperature, rejecting food waste, and so on. On the other hand, low-carbon life is also a quality consideration and habit of daily life. For example, walking up and down stairs can reduce emissions by about 0.218kg; Turn on the air conditioner less for 1 hour and reduce the emission by about 0.621 kg; Use 10 pairs of disposable chopsticks less, reducing emissions by about 0.2kg; Turn off the light for one hour, use less electricity, and reduce the emission by about 0.785 kg; Recycling a ton of waste paper can cut 17 trees less... These subtle habits will quietly affect and improve our environment

experts suggest that everyone can make a "carbon emission table" for themselves, and after a period of time, see what they have achieved and where there is room for water and electricity conservation, and try to avoid unnecessary waste of resources, which will be effective over time. In fact, more and more ordinary people have consciously practiced "low-carbon life" in their daily life

at the home of fan Dexiang, an old man in Heping District, Tianjin, you can open a unique exhibition hall: tissue boxes made of express packaging boxes, sugar gourd made of red buttons and disposable chopsticks, pen containers made of toilet paper cartridges, and mounting surplus materials to praise Mongolia in Taiwan The competitiveness of the plastic extruder industry, which adheres to the correct position on issues related to Tibet, continues to improve... The bus ferrule... "My father told me from an early age that 'things cannot be damaged' and 'make the best use of things and people'." Fan Dexiang, 73, remembers that when he was a child, his father used the leftover materials from mounting calligraphy and painting to make toy trumpets for him, and he also used the leftover materials to make various small toys for his daughter. Over the years, fan Dexiang has made thousands of life handicrafts with various waste materials and sent them to relatives, friends and neighbors, which everyone can't put down. In the eyes of neighbors, the life of the fandexiang family is low-carbon and fashionable: shopping with self-made shopping bags, shopping with modified baskets; When his daughter got married, fan Dexiang personally made wedding characters and red envelopes for her. Fan Dexiang likes calligraphy, but he believes that practicing calligraphy does not necessarily need to be good at paper and ink. You can practice it anytime, anywhere in old newspapers, wrapping paper and medicine boxes

master Ding, a retired worker in Changsha, often said that one must be aware of water shortage in order to live a life with water. Every day, he and his wife save water for washing their faces and vegetables into a plastic bucket for mopping the floor, watering flowers and flushing the toilet; Nonwoven bags used to buy vegetables have been used for more than 10 years; Master Ding washes clothes by hand with soap and never uses detergent and detergent, because these products contain phosphorus and bleach, which will be discharged into the Xiangjiang River to pollute the environment

aunt sun, who lives in Hangzhou, recently invented a "Grapefruit fruit basin" -- half an air dried grapefruit peel is used to hold Hongti and virgin fruit, "which is practical, fragrant, and degradable when buried in the soil." Since she participated in the "low carbon life is also fashionable" activity in the community, aunt sun has been full of interest in "low carbon" and took the initiative to ask for a "low carbon diary" with nine other families in the community to compare who is a "low carbon person"

for example, when two families roasted purple sweet potatoes in the microwave oven during the competition, aunt sun made it high-end, which took 5 minutes; It took another family 10 minutes to downshift. As a result, when tested by electricians, high-end power and time-saving, sweet potato tastes better. Residents are excited, and then test the refrigerator. Several families don't sleep all night, count the startup frequency of the refrigerator quick freezing room in their homes, and count every "buzz" as one. Comparing the electric meters in the morning, the quick freezing room is 70% full, which saves the most electricity. Residents sighed: "they originally thought that electricity consumption was actually a 'minimum carbon' method."

now, aunt sun's bulbs have all been replaced with energy-saving lamps; Using a 700 watt rice cooker to steam rice is the most energy-saving; After the leftover tea residue was accumulated and dried in the sun, it has been made into three tea pillows; The tap water from the tap will not flow into the sewage pipe until it has been used for 3 times. In such a month, water and electricity costs have been reduced by about half compared with the past

in fact, like the above three "low-carbon talents", starting from me, starting from daily trifles, practicing low-carbon and environmental protection life, and reducing resource consumption from the source can not only improve our personal quality of life, but also contribute to the protection of blue sky and clear water and the sharing of beautiful China

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