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Low carbon paint brand is becoming a new favorite in the home decoration market

low carbon paint brand is becoming a new favorite in the home decoration market

February 25, 2010

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[China paint information] with the conclusion of the Copenhagen climate conference, the popularity of environmental protection concepts has made low carbon paint a new favorite in the home decoration market. Many home decoration merchants and people are looking for coating products that are more environmentally friendly and safe according to the statistical data of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. The rise of low-carbon life trend makes low-carbon paint the first choice of environmentally friendly coatings

low carbon paint set off a quality revolution. With the rise of low carbon paint in the home decoration market and the attention of consumers, all kinds of paint products with environmental protection paint and health paint brands have also launched a market battle. However, different from pure marketing, the competition of low-carbon paint is a competition of quality and technology. As the world's leading paint brand, Zhongshan Yacheng chemical Yating paint is the classic brand of German Yating paint company, a chemical giant. At the same time, it is also a world excellent brand of coatings and a global comprehensive chemical supplier brand. The low-carbon health paint launched by Yacheng chemical inherits the advanced formulation technology and production process of Germany, and combines the trend of China's consumption level and the climate environment to customize low-carbon health paint products suitable for the Chinese market

because of the high content of volatile organic compounds such as benzene, toluene and xylene in traditional solvent based coatings, the irregularity is 7.5. If it is required to calculate the standard deviation value s0.2/1000, it is a hidden danger in terms of environmental protection or health and safety, which also urges the coating industry to have more environmentally friendly and safe products to fill this deficiency. The low-carbon concept advocated by the Copenhagen climate conference gave birth to the birth of low-carbon paint and the attention of consumers and businesses

the wave of environmental protection has pushed the delisting of oil-based paint. The China Paint Industry Association believes that the change of consumers' purchase awareness and the popularity of low-carbon paint indicate that the consumer market of low-carbon paint has begun to take shape. Now, it is time for many low-carbon paint brands to show their skills. At the same time, with the further deepening of the concept of environmental protection and low-carbon life, more businesses and consumers began to understand and choose low-carbon paint as the preferred coating product for home decoration through Yating

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