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On June 16, international paper and Bright Dairy officially announced their 10-year "de facto marriage" and announced that they would raise their "love" to a higher level - strategic alliance

international paper, the world's largest forest products company, entered China in 1994 and invested more than 29 million US dollars to establish Shanghai International Paper Co., Ltd. to introduce its leading product in the world, roof top beverage packaging "fresh house" to China. Their first customer in China is Guangming dairy (Information Market Forum). In the 10 years since "meeting", the sales volume of fresh milk products packaged by "fresh house" in China has grown from dozens of boxes per month at the beginning to nearly 100000 boxes per day today. Now, as many as 500million "fresh houses" are "built" by Shanghai international paper every year

what has changed is not only the output of "fresh houses", but also the "Shanghai little sister" of that year. Guangming dairy has become one of the largest dairy processing enterprises in China from a pure Shanghai local company, especially the production and sales of fresh milk, which occupies a leading position in China's dairy industry. This summer, one of the necessary conditions for fresh milk - the cold chain system, Guangming dairy has improved it to the milk box at the door of the customer's home, truly realizing the whole process of low-temperature refrigeration of fresh milk from the pasture. Today, Guangming dairy is the largest domestic customer of international paper industry

it is in the context of these booming changes and increasingly mature conditions that international paper and Bright Dairy decided to disclose their "sweet feelings" to the media after 10 years of close cooperation and push it to a new stage - to sign an agreement to form a "pasteurized fresh milk strategic alliance". In this framework agreement, the two sides will work together to promote the concept of "pasteurized fresh milk", which represents the mainstream of the development of the world's dairy industry, nationwide, to achieve all-round cooperation in product research and development, manufacturing and marketing, so that Chinese consumers can drink real reassuring and healthy fresh milk

David de, President of Asia Pacific region of international paper and beverage industry, commented on their "alliance": 4. After the sample was broken, "this is a natural combination and a natural cooperation."

let consumers know the real fresh milk

when you go into the supermarket and carefully read the packaging of some milk, you will find many silly mistakes, or simply confusion with ulterior motives: it is written in bold characters "100% pure fresh milk" or "fresh milk", indicating that "the shelf life is only days, and it needs to be refrigerated at low temperature", but the process is "ultra-high temperature treatment"

in fact, not many Chinese consumers can see through this obviously wrong packaging

Wei Kejia, Secretary General of the China Dairy Association, disclosed the results of the latest "dairy consumption survey of Chinese residents" completed by the China Economic Prosperity Monitoring Center at the signing ceremony of the "fresh milk alliance". The survey shows that at present, Chinese consumers have very high requirements for dairy consumption, but the relevant consumption knowledge is vague. Because 99.3% of consumers believe that the most important factors affecting the choice of dairy products are freshness, quality and nutrition, followed by taste, brand and price, but 76% of consumers say they do not know or know the difference between raw milk, pasteurized milk, ultra-high temperature sterilized milk and milk drinks

therefore, the "fresh milk alliance" of international paper and Bright Dairy takes educating consumers as the primary task, helping consumers understand the length of various milk, learn to identify them, and then choose high-quality, healthy and nutritious milk. "Fresh milk alliance" believes that consumers with knowledge will undoubtedly choose "pasteurized fresh milk"

Davide told that "pasteurized milk" is the mainstream of global dairy consumption and has an absolute advantage in the markets of developed countries and regions. According to the data provided by Euromonitor, an authoritative European research organization, in 2003, the market share of "pasteurized milk" is 99.9% in Canada, 99.7% in the United States, 99.3% in Japan and 97.6% in Taiwan, China, while normal temperature milk accounts for only 0.1% - 0.4% in these markets, and the selling price is only half of "pasteurized milk". However, in the whole Chinese market, the market share ratio of "pasteurized milk" to normal temperature milk is 3:7. Even in big cities such as Shanghai, "pasteurized milk" accounts for only 60% of the market

Chen Xinwei, Secretary General of Shanghai Dairy Association, who attended the signing ceremony, explained in detail the technical differences between "pasteurized fresh milk" and Changwen milk

when milk is extruded from cows, it is called raw milk. Then it must be sterilized to achieve three purposes. One is to kill pathogenic microorganisms, such as tuberculosis, Escherichia coli, etc; The second is to kill the enzymes metabolized by microorganisms in milk; The third is to ensure the nutrition of raw milk to the greatest extent. At present, there are mainly two sterilization methods: pasteurization and ultra-high temperature sterilization. The accuracy and service life of the sensor will be affected if the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good. If the pasteurization process is adopted, the accuracy and service life of the sensor will be heated at ℃ for seconds. Ultra high temperature sterilization (UHT) adopts ℃ for seconds. There are 7 physical changes and 25 chemical changes in milk after heating. Due to the mild pasteurization process, only the bacteria and some enzymes harmful to human body in raw milk are killed and their nutritional components are preserved to the greatest extent. The milk disinfected by pasteurization is called "pasteurized milk", which is internationally recognized as the real fresh milk. The ultra-high temperature sterilization method instantly eliminates all bacteria and enzymes, and nutrients are also destroyed. The milk disinfected by this method is packaged in a sterile state, and the shelf life is greatly extended, so it is called normal temperature milk

pasteurization process has high requirements on the quality of milk sources. The bacterial content per ton of raw milk shall not exceed 200000 according to domestic standards and 50000 according to international standards. The ultra-high temperature sterilization method has no requirements for milk sources. Moreover, "pasteurized fresh milk" puts forward higher requirements for transportation. It needs to be stored in the "cold chain" throughout the whole process, and the shelf life does not exceed 10 days. Therefore, for consumers, "pasteurized fresh milk" is also fresher and more nutritious. The normal temperature milk does not need to be refrigerated, and the preservation period can reach months, which is called "canned milk" in the industry

Davide and Wang Jiafen, President of Bright Dairy Co., Ltd., are convinced that consumers will choose "pasteurized milk" as long as they know "pasteurized milk". Davide said that the international paper industry vigorously promotes the concept of "pasteurized fresh milk". In addition to helping China's business partner "pasteurized fresh milk" production enterprises grow rapidly and enhance their competitiveness, it is also to safeguard the right of Chinese consumers to know. It is not only to let the vast number of Chinese consumers have milk to drink, but also to let them drink high-quality, healthy and nutritious fresh milk. However, Wang Jiafen also pointed out that from the perspective of strengthening the compression resistance of samples nationwide, due to the current reality of poor milk sources and insufficient "cold chain" conditions, normal temperature milk should have a place in the market, because it can make more people drink milk, which is still a great contribution

the reason for "two feelings are happy"

the alliance between international paper and Bright Dairy is undoubtedly the result of "two feelings are happy" and shared future

American International Paper Company was founded in 1898. It is the world's largest forest products company and the world's largest paper company. It is also the world's largest private land owner. The company owns about 8million acres of private forest land. At present, it ranks 153rd in the global top 500 and is one of the only four listed companies in the United States with a history of more than 100 years. When the international paper industry entered the Chinese market in 1994, China's dairy industry was in its infancy, and the dairy packaging industry certainly made no progress. The roof packaging brought by the international paper industry filled this gap in the domestic packaging market

now China's dairy industry has made great progress. According to Wei Kejia, the total output of China's dairy industry in 2002 reached 11.2 million tons, an increase of more than 30% over the previous year in 2003, and the sales revenue increased by about 40%. However, China's annual per capita dairy consumption is still only 9.7 kg, which is quite different from the global per capita dairy consumption of 100 kg. Experts at home and abroad generally believe that the golden age of rapid development of the dairy industry has not yet arrived, and China will be the world's most potential milk consumption market in the next 10 years

David said that China's huge milk consumption market must be in line with the mainstream of global dairy consumption, so this huge market belongs to fresh milk, that is, "pasteurized fresh milk". Therefore, the "fresh house" of international paper industry will also find a broad market here

a few days before the alliance with Guangming dairy, international paper just reached an agreement on "pasteurized fresh milk strategic alliance" with Sichuan new hope Agriculture Co., Ltd. The output of liquid milk of new hope in 2003 was 170000 tons, making it one of the largest agricultural and animal husbandry production enterprises in China

does international paper have strict selection criteria for partners? David said that in addition to strong strength and good foundation, it is more important to be honest with consumers and have long-term strategic planning. Because only such enterprises can form a rubber industry chain extending from planting and processing to rubber products, which can truly match our development goals, and the international paper industry can bring long-term cooperation and development to both sides through its international cutting-edge technology, good reputation and solid background; At the same time, it can also provide long-term, high-quality and guaranteed products to local consumers

indeed, the first and largest partner of international paper industry in China is such a powerful, honest and visionary enterprise. In 2003, Guangming dairy achieved a sales revenue of 6billion yuan and a net profit of 280million yuan. For the eighth consecutive year, it achieved a synchronous double-digit, stable and healthy growth in sales and profits. Adhering to building core competitiveness with high technology is the vision of Bright Dairy. Its technology center is a national technology center and national laboratory, and the only national scientific and technological research and development center of dairy industry in China. Guangming dairy pursues 100% excellent quality of products and is honest with consumers. From the construction of milk sources to the improvement of the "cold chain" system, Guangming dairy has raised its quality commitment to consumers to the highest level in China

Wang Jiafen said in an exclusive interview with this magazine that the standard for international paper industry to choose partners is also the standard for Bright Dairy. Both international paper and Bright Dairy are industrial integration enterprises. International paper starts from cultivating forests, while Bright Dairy starts from breeding cows. Therefore, in addition to mutual support in business, international paper and Bright Dairy also help and give each other in business logic and business philosophy. Bright Dairy attaches great importance to the global cooperation with international strong players from the commanding height

David and Wang Jiafen also said that the "fresh milk alliance" of international paper industry and Bright Dairy will enable both sides to develop together and complement each other's advantages, so as to jointly promote the development of "pasteurized fresh milk" in the Chinese market

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