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The international polypropylene resin market is mixed

since 2001, due to the stimulation of the continuous rise in the world oil market price, polyolefin production enterprises, the downstream users of oil products, have once again faced the operating pressure of high production costs. Recently, the news that resin enterprises have announced to increase the ex factory price of products has proved this. However, different from the market trend of most general plastics such as polyethylene resin and ABS resin, the world polypropylene market is relatively calm

market participants believe that the international polypropylene market trend this year will show that the market is weak in the first quarter, and the market demand will recover in the second quarter, but for the whole year, it is basically in a stable situation. As the profits of polypropylene production enterprises have almost reached the point where there is no room to take advantage of, some polypropylene enterprises believe that they will face new competitive challenges and be under greater profit pressure in 2001. According to analysis, there are many reasons for this situation

first of all, in the overall environment of oversupply in the international market, a new polypropylene production unit has been completed and put into operation recently. In view of the current balance between production and demand of polypropylene in the world, if the world polypropylene market demand increases by 10% in the future, the growth rate of polypropylene production only needs 6%

secondly, although polypropylene manufacturers once hoped to reduce the pressure on enterprises by raising prices, the effect of this move is not very obvious now. Due to the low profit margin of products, and now facing new problems of production and demand balance, facing the market with limited demand capacity, in order to avoid more fierce price competition, since the second half of 2000, major polypropylene manufacturers in the United States and Europe have begun to pay attention to the operating rate. Some polypropylene manufacturers predict that the growth rate of polypropylene market will be 6% - 6.5% in 2001, and the operating rate of polypropylene for the whole year is expected to remain at about 85%. From the end of 1998 to 2000, utilization growth, technological progress, and the Asia Pacific region need to be included in the national key special plan to rapidly increase the polypropylene operating rate has been stable at 90% in June. People who are optimistic about the prospect of polypropylene market believe that 2002 will become a turning point for polypropylene enterprises. It is expected that the profit and operating rate of polypropylene will recover in 2002, but the premise is that the market demand can also grow synchronously from 2004 to 2005, and it is impossible to balance the large-scale utilization and production capacity

it is reported that due to the sluggish market environment and the tight supply of propylene monomer, Basel company has temporarily shut down polypropylene production plants in some European Community countries from November to December 2000. At the end of January 2001, Basel announced that it would reduce the annual output of its polypropylene production units in Europe and the United States by 500000 tons. Among them, the production unit in car rington in the United Kingdom will be closed in January this year, and Wesseling car rington in Germany will also be closed for 12 to 18 months

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