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The international polyurethane industry exhibition will be held in Beijing. The international forum of "2003 International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition and" 2003 China polyurethane industry overall elimination of ODS countries constitute a new driving force for the development of new material industry "will be held in Beijing from April 23 to 25 this year

this exhibition is hosted by the foreign cooperation center for environmental protection of the State Environmental Protection Administration, China Plastics Processing Industry Association and the world bank. Engaged in polyurethane products processing, equipment manufacturing, raw materials at home and abroad 15. Tensile properties: ① gb/t 8804.1 ⑵ 003 uses the geometric coaxiality value of the Dow epoxy composite system, which is about 200mm and 100mm away from the end face of the active chuck. Part 1: General principles of experimental methods; ② Gb/t 8804.2 (2) 003 determination of tensile properties of thermoplastic pipes Part 2: enterprises engaged in the production, economy and trade of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) will participate in the exhibition. At the same time, enterprises in the fields of textile, construction, automobile, household appliances, shoemaking, artificial leather, machine manufacturing, furniture, communication, packaging, urban heating and other polyurethane applications will also be invited to participate in the exhibition. This exhibition aims to show the raw materials, equipment, products, advanced technology and scientific research achievements of the polyurethane industry at home and abroad. Special lectures on economy, trade, information, technology, WTO and domestic and foreign markets will be held to provide opportunities for domestic and foreign enterprises, companies and manufacturers to exchange and cooperate

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