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In an interview with Xinhua News Agency on China's promotion of international production capacity cooperation, the head of the Department of cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce said that at present, China's international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation are facing rare development opportunities. The Ministry of Commerce will increase policy support and take a number of measures to promote international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation

the person in charge said that from the perspective of enterprise strength, the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in many fields has been continuously enhanced, and Chinese capital, Chinese equipment and Chinese technology have increasingly been welcomed by all countries in the world, especially developing countries. Chinese enterprises should seize the current rare development opportunities and favorable conditions, innovate cooperation methods, improve quality and efficiency, raise international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation to a higher level and level, and realize the transformation from commodities to industries to capital output

from the external environment, the infrastructure construction of various countries is heating up, the industrialization and urbanization process of developing countries is accelerating, and the investment demand is increasing. The intensive development of oil and gas chemical industry, oil storage, integration of Forest Pulp and paper, automobile manufacturing, ship repair, mineral resources processing, agricultural products processing, pharmaceutical and other industries, and the willingness of relevant countries and regions to cooperate with China is constantly strengthening. From the perspective of its own conditions, China is accelerating the construction of an open economy. Insiders pointed out that in recent years, the new system for the treatment and recycling of waste plastics, actively promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road", and providing a broad platform for enterprises to "go global" to carry out national production. At that time, the demand for existing polyethylene raw materials will be reduced, and equipment manufacturing cooperation will be provided

according to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, in recent years, China's equipment production capacity has developed rapidly. In 2014, the export of large complete sets of equipment was about US $110billion, and the export volume in the first four months of this year was US $40billion, an increase of 10% year-on-year. Overseas investment in equipment manufacturing totaled nearly US $50billion, and the manufacturing industry invested US $3.15 billion in the first four months of this year, an increase of 69.4% year-on-year. In 2014, the contract value of overseas rail transit projects participated by Chinese enterprises was US $24.7 billion, an increase of more than three times year-on-year. In the first four months of this year, the newly signed contract amount of foreign contracted projects in the fields of power and communication increased by about 35% year-on-year

the official said that the Ministry of Commerce has taken four measures to promote international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation. 1、 Deepen reform, streamline administration and delegate power, and promote facilitation. The Ministry of Commerce revised and issued the measures for the administration of overseas investment, establishing a management mode of "Filing first, approval second", further releasing the vitality of overseas investment of enterprises. 2、 Strengthen policy support. Through special funds for foreign economic and trade development, preferential loans, medium and long-term export credit insurance and other policy means, we will focus on supporting foreign investment and cooperation in advanced manufacturing and advantageous industries. 3、 Promote major bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects. Guide enterprises to implement a number of major overseas infrastructure construction projects such as railways, highways, nuclear power, and overseas industrial parks. Fourth, strengthen government public services. Strengthen the national and industrial guidelines for overseas investment of enterprises, implement the Intergovernmental guarantee mechanism, sign agreements on free trade zones, investment protection, taxation and intergovernmental investment cooperation agreements with relevant countries and regions, and strengthen security risk early warning and emergency disposal

next, the Ministry of Commerce will accelerate the strategic layout around the "the Belt and Road", strengthen the guidance of key countries and industries for enterprises to "go global", and promote the cooperation between China and regions and countries along the line in key fields such as infrastructure construction and processing and manufacturing. The Ministry of Commerce will also implement the guiding opinions of the State Council on promoting international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, improve and second, be able to identify problems, innovate relevant foreign investment cooperation support measures, promote international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, and promote domestic equipment, technology, standards and services to "go global"

in addition, the Ministry of Commerce will also formulate the "13th five year" development plan in the field of foreign investment and cooperation, guide enterprises to broaden the development mode of foreign investment and cooperation business, and enhance enterprise confidence; We should speed up the process of legalization, strengthen in-process and post event supervision while further promoting facilitation, and achieve the combination of decentralization and management. At the same time, we will increase information services, policy advocacy and talent training, strengthen overseas security risk prevention and response, improve multilateral and bilateral mechanisms, strengthen foreign negotiations, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of overseas enterprises and personnel

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