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The opening of the international petroleum and petrochemical equipment and technology exhibition

on September 17, the Fifth China (Dongying) International Petroleum and petrochemical equipment and Technology Exhibition hosted by the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the Shandong Provincial People's government was held grandly. Government agencies, trade associations, large enterprise groups and large consortiums from 87 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, with more than 50% of the world's top 500 enterprises accounting for more than 400 exhibitors of cupping tester technical principles

the picture shows the opening ceremony of PetroChina international petrochemical equipment and technology exhibition, in which elites from the global petroleum equipment industry participated in the manufacturing of new blow molding machinery. Note: the source of this reprint is indicated. It is reprinted to teach you the selection skills of portable Rockwell hardness tester and desktop Rockwell hardness tester! The purpose of transmitting more information does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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