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The development analysis under the new form of Fujian printing industry observation (1)

the current printing industry is facing a new situation and new tasks, which will bring us new opportunities and challenges. As a publishing management department, the Publishing Bureau should further change the government functions, administer according to law, manage according to law, improve the management mode, improve the management efficiency, and form a management system with standardized behavior, strong control, integrity and efficiency

1. Change functions. Transforming functions is an important link to realize the rule of law. There are several ways to transform functions. First, administration according to law. We should conscientiously implement the "Regulations on the administration of printing industry", implement the laws and regulations related to printing management, ensure that there are laws to follow in the supervision of the whole process of all printing business activities, and gradually achieve the approval and establishment of those who normally apply for business in accordance with the law; Those who operate properly shall be protected according to law; Illegal operations shall be investigated and dealt with according to law, and all acts without legal basis shall be put an end to. The approval, management, punishment and other links of printing enterprises should be administered according to law to avoid randomness. Second, strengthen supervision. We should focus on maintaining the order of the printing market and cracking down on illegal printing, consolidate the results of the cleaning up and rectification of the printing industry, and do a good job in the rectification work within a time limit, so that the scattered and indiscriminate situation of low-level and repeated construction of printing enterprises in Fujian Province can be fundamentally changed, and the printing market can be fundamentally improved. Third, strengthen macro-control. Printing management should focus on macro management instead of micro management. We should pay attention to the total amount control, structure optimization and reasonable layout of the printing industry from the macro management. Fourth, provide services. The administrative departments of the operating government provide public services for printing enterprises in terms of information, law, consultation, etc. For example, publicize relevant national policies and regulations; Let operators know the total amount, structure, layout and technical standards of the printing industry; Introduce the trends of printing industry at home and abroad. Our management means to ensure that the bending axis is vertical should adopt a combination of legal means and guiding opinions, and provide services through measures such as publishing information, legal training and extensive publicity

2. Strengthen management. In recent years, relevant state departments have standardized and rectified the printing industry for many times. After rectification, the order of the printing market in Fujian Province has been fundamentally improved, and the daily management of the printing industry has also embarked on a standardized management track. However, we believe that the management of the printing industry is a long-term process, and it will take quite a long time to fundamentally solve the indiscriminate phenomenon of the printing industry and form a relatively perfect management mechanism. To achieve this, we need to constantly study new situations and solve new problems

at present, China has joined the WTO. The WTO requires the governments of its members to administer according to law under the WTO legal framework, and pay attention to administrative efficiency and transparent administration. According to the relevant laws and regulations of China, the printing industry, as a special industry, still retains its pre-approval items. In order to standardize the examination and approval behavior, the Fujian Publishing Bureau has repeatedly studied and deployed on how to reduce the examination and approval procedures at the printing management working meeting, and put forward a notice to standardize the administrative examination and approval procedures, which is convenient for the parties, simplified procedures, open, transparent and clear in the examination and approval procedures. According to the 60 day examination and approval period stipulated in the regulations on the administration of printing industry, Fujian Province adopts the principle of graded and classified examination and approval, that is, the projects approved by the Administration Department of coaxiality testing machine version of material testing machine authorized by districts and cities should be examined and approved in a timely manner within the specified time; The projects approved by the province shall be examined and approved by the publishing administration departments of districts and cities, and then submitted to the Provincial Bureau for approval. The Provincial Bureau stipulates that during the period from the 15th to the 30th of each bimonthly, it will study and decide whether to approve the establishment. If it agrees to the establishment, it will issue a printing business license. If it does not agree to the establishment, it must explain the reasons to the parties concerned; If the project approved by the General Administration meets the conditions after being reviewed by the Provincial Bureau, it shall be immediately transferred to the General Administration for approval, and all procedures shall be completed within 20 working days. Our approval principles are: strictly control publication printing enterprises, appropriately relax the development of packaging and decoration printing enterprises, and encourage foreign investors to invest in the establishment of packaging and decoration printing enterprises in our province

3. Improve the management system. The publishing administration departments of all districts and cities shall perform the functions of daily supervision of the local printing industry in accordance with the regulations on the administration of the printing industry promulgated by the State Council, and continue to adhere to various effective management systems, such as the printing business license system, the book and periodical printing authorization system, the internal information publication permission system, the printing verification system, the printing registration system, the printing material storage system, the printing material delivery system Destruction system of defective products in printing activities, quality inspection and identification system of printing products, annual inspection system, etc. We should unremittingly rectify and standardize the order of the printing market, address both the symptoms and the root causes. We should investigate and deal with the illegal printing and operation of developing graphene composite fibers in accordance with the law, and the printing of political illegal publications; Pirated dictionaries, reference books, teaching books and other best sellers; Those who print fake tickets, infringe fake trademarks and product logos shall have their printing business licenses revoked. We should cooperate with relevant departments to resolutely ban underground factories and sites that are set up without approval, or illegally engage in printing business activities without licenses or incomplete licenses, resolutely eliminate backward printing production capacity, processes and products, stop low-level repeated construction, prevent environmental pollution, and speed up the pace of printing structure adjustment

source: Guangdong printing information, issue 6, 2005

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