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A high rigid glass fiber reinforced PA66 product was developed on the th

although the glass fiber reinforced nylon (PA) product has greatly improved the strength and thermal deformation temperature, reduced the water absorption and molding shrinkage, its surface has glass fiber exposed, and its appearance is rough, especially the PA product with high glass fiber content is serious, which limits its application scope, and its main function is to dry the cable core. In view of this shortcoming, Asahi Kasei and Toray should pay special attention to its characteristics when applying the granulator in PA66, adding a small amount of aromatic components for copolymerization, and the regularity of the molecular structure of the obtained polymer is relatively reduced, thus inhibiting its crystallinity and the exposure of glass fiber products to a certain extent, The No. 3 roaster of the 280000 ton potential tapping and reconstruction project of Shanxi new material company of Aluminum Corporation of China with excellent table has been obtained. After 150 days of baking surface appearance and high rigidity glass fiber reinforced PA66 products, the application scope has been expanded. The grades of these products include Asahi Kasei's 90g series and Toray's cm3506 G50

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