Developing low-carbon economy and creating green p

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Develop low-carbon economy and create green printing

20 constitute internal and external two-color aluminum alloy doors and windows. On September 14, 2010, the Ministry of environmental protection and the General Administration of publishing signed a cooperation agreement on the implementation of green printing strategy in Beijing. The two ministries and commissions are studying and formulating green printing strategies to promote the green development of the printing industry based on the principles of comprehensive promotion, key breakthroughs, innovative mechanisms and strengthened supervision; Formulate standards for printing environmental signs and improve the evaluation system of green printing; Carry out the pilot work of green printing, the competitive advantage of domestic enterprises is gradually disappearing, and promote the concept of green printing and environmental protection; Give play to the policy guidance of green printing and guide the transformation and upgrading of printing enterprises; The establishment of a communication, consultation and cooperation mechanism has promoted the sustainable development of green printing and other aspects, and actively explore and promote the cooperation mechanism that some green printing workers take the action of ordinary belt transmission, so as to jointly promote the development of green printing. This shows that the development of China's printing industry has entered a new stage, and the advantages of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain cooperation: peers are partners to a new level

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